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  • 18 Master Values in Parenting
    Through 18 Master Values: Be the Parent You Wish You'd Had, Christine Crockett Smith seeks to help new parents develop a well thought out path for what they want their children to know when they send them out into the world to make their own way. Many people today are wandering around in a state of spiritual dissonance, having ... See More
  • 3rd Eye Thinkers
    3rd Eye Thinkers
    Category: Spirituality
    47 Episodes
    Candid conversations about all things metaphysical with 3rd Eye Thinkers Megan Benanti and Michelle Welch.

    Join the weekly broadcast to learn about the healing properties items such as plants and stones, plus audience requested live readings.
  • Acappella Podcast
    Acappella Podcast
    Category: Health
    22 Episodes
    There are lots of questions when it comes to finding quality senior care for a loved one. Acappella is here to answer those and demystify the process.

    Learn more at www.acappellainhomecare.com
  • A Dog's Presence
    A Dog's Presence
    Category: Entertainment
    0 Episodes
    Coming Soon Summer 2018
  • A Girls Gotta Eat... Lobster
    A Girls Gotta Eat... Lobster
    Category: Talk
    14 Episodes
    "I thought I wanted to date.. then I realized all I want is lobster!"
    The dating adventures of successful single women.
  • America Can We Talk w/ Debbie Georgatos
    We talk truth about America.
  • A Murderous Design
    A Murderous Design
    Category: News & Information
    13 Episodes
    What does a crime scene say about the criminal? Judge Brandon Birmingham explains the steps investigators take as they try to determine a suspect, motive, and means when a murder is committed. Each part adds up to a picture...a murderous design.
  • Ask Dr. B. Good
    Ask Dr. B. Good
    Category: Education
    42 Episodes
    The charter school landscape can be very confusing. Dr. Rebecca Good, superintendent of Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy, is bringing her years of experience to the table and helping you sort out the myths, misconceptions, and truth of charter schools. Now step up and ask Dr. B. Good a question!

    Learn more about Legacy Preparatory ... See More
  • Best of the Best
    Best of the Best
    Category: Business
    6 Episodes
    Welcome to The Best of the Best Podcast! Fred Parrish is the creator of "The Profit Beacon" - a financial forecasting virtual CFO software designed to bring financial freedom to small businesses all across the country. In his efforts to revolutionize the way we think of entrepreneurship, Fred has met with many of small ... See More
  • Brad Blazar's Learn To Soar
    Brad Blazar's Learn To Soar
    Category: Events
    1 Episode
    Brad Blazar breaks down the best message and underlying points from encounters he has had with some of the most influential people in politics, sports, and business and shares his notes in an enlightening way. His encounters include George W Bush, Oliver North, Kevin O'Leary, Joe Namath, Magic Johnson Amongst Others.
  • Celebrity Interviews w/ Milk and Cookies
    Milk and cookie interviews hosted by Lauriston Lee Crockett IV!

    Your favorite stars will be seen in a whole new light after being interviewed by eight-year-old Lauriston IV with important questions and also questions you always wanted to ask.
  • CEO Money
    CEO Money
    Category: Business
    105 Episodes
    Welcome to CEO Money from WFN1! WFN1 Chairman and CEO Michael Yorba sits down with Business Leaders, Industry Titans, and Entrepreneurial Influencers to get to the bottom of what makes them (and their business) tick! Tune in to find out the secrets behind bigger profits, strong revenues, and better business! This is CEO Money with ... See More
  • Channel Highlights by VAR Staffing
    Channel Highlights Powered by VAR Staffing is a series of story-telling sessions SPECIFICALLY about how VAR Staffing has become a trusted staffing partner/extension of that channel partner. We continuously learn and evolve with our partners as this is an opportunity to share our knowledge-base/best practices with our audience.

    Visit ... See More
  • Cliff's Notes Real Estate Podcast
    Cliff Freeman is a world-class real estate agent and real estate coach who has trained, mentored, and taught thousands of agents all across North America to implement systems, processes, and strategies to take their businesses to new heights.

    Having spent over 30 years in the real estate industry, managing over $1B in mortgage and real ... See More
  • Coffee with Claire
    Coffee with Claire
    Category: Business
    25 Episodes
    At Coffee With Claire, we’ve talked with entrepreneurs, business people, people who give back and people who have fun! Our guests have included a New York Times Best-Selling Author, a world-class speaker, comedians and improv artists, business owners and advisors, inventors, marketing professionals, and world-class chefs.
    We reach our ... See More
  • Community Cocktails with Kimberly
    Community Cocktails with Kimberly
    Category: Talk
    14 Episodes
    Welcome to Community Cocktails with Kimberly. Hosted by Kimberly Woodard, a realtor for over 18 years with Ebby Halliday Realtors. She has received numerous awards including Multi-Million Dollar Producer, Quarterly and Annual Company-Wide Honor Role recognition, VIP Customer Service Award for highest client ratings, D Magazine Best ... See More
  • Community Connect with Janie Bordner
    Community Connect is a show that connects community volunteers. Agencies and leaders together to make a real connection that results in meaningful changes to the people of our community.
  • Decide, Communicate, Execute
    Decide, Communicate, Execute
    Category: Business
    10 Episodes
    Leaders have to lead in a world of high-speed, high-stress chaos. The essence of leadership is making good decisions; communicating those decisions and then seeing those decisions are executed in the midst of uncertainty, ambiguity, complexity, fluidity and disorder. There are lots of ways to lose. A bad decision, regardless of how well ... See More
  • Design Your Life with Ruby Bhandari
    I’m fashion designer Ruby Bhandari...and this is Design your Life!
    Each episode we’re stitching a happier, more satisfying life for you with insider tips from industry experts…life crafters and behind the scenes from successful professionals!
    The fashion and lifestyle industry isn’t just fabric and thread: together we’ll learn about ... See More
  • Diversity Xtra Hosted by Don McKneely
    We at Diversity Xtra believe diversity and inclusion are key to personal and professional success. We want to bring diverse perspectives on diversity and inclusion to you! Each week Don McKneely will be interviewing top business and government leaders across all sectors and walks of life on a variety of topics including diversity and ... See More
  • Doing it Right: The Stories that Make us
    Welcome to 'Doing it Right: The Stories that Make Us', hosted by author and national news contributor Valerie Sokolosky.
    On the show, you'll hear fascinating stories from successful leaders who have lived life "doing it right", the journey to becoming a leader, and personal experiences that formed their ... See More
  • Follow the Leader
    Follow the Leader
    Category: Business
    12 Episodes
    Follow the Leader features dynamic women entrepreneurs and their journeys to becoming a success in business. It's an inspirational space for entrepreneurs, future entrepreneurs, and thought leaders as they share their keys to success. Chanel Christoff Davis is the CEO and founding partner of the largest woman and minority owned ... See More
  • In Your Head with Leigh Richardson
    Leigh Richardson from the Brain Performance Center discusses the benefits of neurofeedback and biofeedback with industry specialists. On each episode discover how these can positively impact your brain health and improve your life!
  • Legends in Leadership
    Legends in Leadership
    Category: Talk
    33 Episodes
    Legends in Leadership is an inspirational podcast featuring the stories of leaders who are making a difference. ISF and The Carrington Group's goal is to inspire you with the stories of leaders who come from humble beginnings, overcome challenges and ultimately rise up to make a difference in people’s lives.
  • Let's Trust Your Assets
    Let's Trust Your Assets
    Category: Finance
    12 Episodes
    At Economic Strategist, we want to create a global economic revolution by serving others through the provision of knowledge and tools that enhance wealth, privacy, and the protection of assets.

    Moving from the wrong side of zero and into a positive financial future might feel impossible, but it’s not. Our strategies are tailored ... See More
  • Next Gen Ninja
    Next Gen Ninja
    Category: Technology
    7 Episodes
    Next Gen Ninja is a Podcast that features the leaders that are shaping the world for the next generation​​. Hosted by entrepreneur Kory Farooquie, the podcast explores topics ranging from emerging technologies, artificial intelligence, the future of humanity, the entrepreneurial spirit, and fun future prediction over the next 100 years.
  • North Texas Networkers
    Welcome to North Texas Networks, a show about connecting people across the DFW Metroplex.
    As Realtors®, Caralee Gurney and Stacy Revely talk to community influencers, share their inspiring stories and reveal how and why, they shape their local communities.
  • Officially Speaking w/ Michael Fitch
    TASO is an independent organization, providing support, resources and training for Texas high school sports officials. With more than 150 local chapters serving 14,500+ members throughout the state, we are one of the largest professional organizations for sports officials in the country.
  • Outside the Box with Grant Pruitt
    Business and entrepreneur shows are a dime a dozen. They're everywhere. By now, you've heard every piece of advice someone can offer. On "Outside the Box with Grant Pruitt," we take that title to heart. Grant is a long-time real estate expert, and he could share with you all the knowledge he's gained along ... See More
  • Pint Size Problems
    Pint Size Problems
    Category: Current Events
    5 Episodes
    Pint Size Problems is a weekly show that is recorded in Dallas. It among on the premise that the best conversations occur with a small group of people, an open mind, and a cold pint.

    Trying to find the right time and place to have a conversation can be complicated and usually, the loudest voices are not necessarily the ones I want to ... See More
  • Power Up! with NSA North Texas
    Welcome to Power Up! - a show about finding, hearing, and maximizing valuable insights from some of the world's leading business and lifestyle speakers!

    The National Speakers Association North Texas Chapter has been inspiring others by bringing professional speakers together to share their wisdom and expertise with professionals ... See More
  • Purple Tales Podcast
    Purple Tales Podcast
    Category: Children
    20 Episodes
    About Purple Tales Podcast

    The PURPLE TALES PODCAST celebrates the spirit of Barney as told through the talented people who created, produced and worked on all aspects of the cultural phenomena we know as America’s favorite purple dinosaur. The life lessons Barney has taught children since 1988 are recalled by the people who knew ... See More
  • Rachel Gaffney's Real Ireland
    Rachel Gaffney's Real Ireland
    Category: Travel
    13 Episodes
    Bespoke Irish Tour Curator and lover of all things Irish , Rachel Gaffney created Rachel Gaffney's Real Ireland Podcast. Every episode Rachel celebrates Ireland's Hidden Gems, pays homage to the true Irish spirit and highlights the new generation of the island's movers and shakers.
  • Real Estate Solutions for Divorce
    Join Real Estate Solutions for Divorce: Tips, Tricks, and Traps Podcast for an exclusive podcast that discusses the intricacies of navigating Real Estate division amidst divorce. Troy Olson, Morgan Ashwander and Lauren Stamper are industry leaders with experience traversing a variety of divorce scenarios and will provide insightful ... See More
  • Savvy, Wise, and Organized
    Savvy, Wise, and Organized
    Category: Hobbies
    21 Episodes
    Welcome to Savvy, Wise, and Organized! It's easy to pick out the things in life that matter most, but keeping those things organized can be a real problem. That's where Tonia Tomlin, professional organizer and founder of Sorted Out, and Nicole Arnold, interior designer and founder of Nicole Arnold Interiors, come in. Between ... See More
  • Somewhere in the Middle
    Somewhere in the Middle
    Category: Politics
    19 Episodes
    It's probably safe to say that politics are a little divisive in our United States. The 24 hour news cycle has drastically altered the way we receive and interpret information, and suddenly we're in a world where Twitter is leading the news. And while some might claim that the truth is relative, it's not hard to realize ... See More
  • Southwest Conflict Resolution Network
    SWCRN is a nonprofit professional organization dedicated to the facilitation, awareness and advancement of dispute resolution through education, networking and community involvement. This show features advice from professionals in several fields of interest.
  • Success Superstars
    Success Superstars
    Category: Business
    22 Episodes
    Mark Johnson Chief Operating Officer at JP & Associates REALTORS® hosts 'Success Superstars', a show featuring inspirational guests who went from zero to hero!
    Tune in to find out how YOU can set your own blueprint for success!
  • The Dallas Bridal Show Podcast
    Wedding Bells are Ringing! Welcome to the Dallas Bridal Shows Podcast! Hosted by Ruthie Stivers, The Dallas Bridal Show Podcast is all about all things weddings! Drawing on her 30 years of experience in the wedding scene through Bridal Shows Inc., Ruthie sits down with experts, entrepreneurs, and most importantly, Brides, to talk about ... See More
  • The Distilled Gentleman
    The Distilled Gentleman
    Category: Talk
    0 Episodes
    The mission of The Distilled Gentleman is to advance the highest standards of education and practice in living as gentlemen in the way we act, speak, and look.
  • The Dr. John Roland Show
    The Dr. John Roland Show
    Category: Health
    2 Episodes
    Dr. John Roland of Evolution Medicine presents you with interviews and discussions on the leading edge of disease prevention. With training in Biochemistry, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Sports Medicine, Dr. Roland says it's not enough for doctors to simply prescribe medication. We need to get to the root of ... See More
  • The Dr. Melissa Show
    The Dr. Melissa Show
    Category: Culture
    9 Episodes
    Dr. Melissa may be a dentist, but she's here to give her unique perspective on holistic medicine, happiness, dating, leadership, and of course dentistry. Be a fly on the wall for in-depth conversations among friends and co-workers. Dr. Melissa is the owner of Honey Dental.
  • The Girlfriends Guide to Senior Living
    Welcome to The Girlfriends' Guide to Senior Living! Gail Peacock and Lori Williams are passionate about helping families navigate the senior living maze. Each episode they will share with you their wealth of knowledge of senior living, and help you to eliminate the uncertainties you face in your search for senior resources.
  • The Healing Springs Show
    The Healing Springs Show
    Category: Education
    2 Episodes
    Healing Families and Communities from the Inside Out.
  • The Jay Young Show
    The Jay Young Show
    Category: News & Information
    18 Episodes
    The Jay Young Show is a weekly podcast featuring insightful discussions with CEO's, entrepreneurs, authors, athletes, celebrities, our military and veteran heroes from around the country. Each interview is a personal conversation which covers a wide range of topics from business, life lessons, successes, challenges and everything ... See More
  • The Lemon Tree - Memoirs of Courage
    Jo Alch is the Author of 'The Lemon Tree - Memoirs of Courage'. On the Podcast Jo talks about her own story of childhood abuse and interviews other authors who have triumphed over adversity.

    Growing up Southern Baptist with a self-absorbed Mother and often absent Father, Jo was forced to spend most of her childhood with an ... See More
  • The Lunch Break
    The Lunch Break
    Category: Current Events
    53 Episodes
    Airing every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on Real News Communications Network! This is the audio archive of the live show.

    Learn more at realnewscn.com, or search Facebook and YouTube for "Real News Communications Network" to watch the live show.
  • The Mike "McGavel" Jones Show
    The Mike "McGavel" Jones Show
    Category: Jobs
    42 Episodes
    Have you got a passion for auctions? Are you an aspiring auctioneer? Or maybe even a veteran of the chant? If you've got a love for the auction business, you've come to the right place! Welcome to the Mike "McGavel" Jones show! Every Monday Mike Jones draws on his years of experience in and out of the auctioneering ... See More
  • The Nth Degree Podcast with Tracy Timm
    Want to take your career from stuck to unstoppable? To reach your fullest potential? Well, here's the story they don't tell you. There are no "meteoric rises" to the top. There are no "overnight sensations." Everyone has struggles and challenges they have to overcome. The purpose of this podcast is to shed ... See More
  • The Only Real Estate Podcast Worth...
    Welcome to 'The Only Real Estate Podcast Worth Listening To', with your hosts Nick Good, Matt Kelderman, and Brian Force. Combined they have 26 years of experience and have sold over 1500 homes. Each with their own teams, they have extensive knowledge of all aspects and changes happening right now in the industry. Join them ... See More
  • Velvet Brick
    Velvet Brick
    Category: Talk
    3 Episodes
    Velvet Brick is a Podcast hosted by Speaker, Author and Film Producer Chong Kim. Join Chong as she delves into empowering, transforming and inspiring stories to ignite change within the community.

    You can connect with Chong on Facebook:

    Twitter & ... See More
  • What If You Could? with Brian Searcy
    In an America as big as ours, there's definitely no shortage of problems. And like any mess, the hard fact is that somebody's going to have to clean things up. But we can't always look to Mom and Dad to take care of things for us. Eventually, things will have to be left to the next generation. A generation that's ... See More
  • Where's My Parachute?
    Where's My Parachute?
    Category: Business
    10 Episodes
    Entrepreneurs take risks. Perhaps the biggest risk of all is stepping away from the safety of a "comfortable" job and striking out on their own. Hear stories of business owners who took the leap and then asked, "Where's my parachute?"
  • Your Pets Radio™
    Your Pets Radio™
    Category: Talk
    10 Episodes
    Your Pets Radio is the perfect stop for insightful pet news, the greatest viral pet videos and to learn about initiatives that you can get involved in.
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